Rentals United announces Data Studio to optimize revenue strategy for property managers

BARCELONA – Rentals United launches Data Studio for property managers worldwide to optimize their revenue strategies. This new product offering expands the breadth and depth of products and services already available to Rentals United clients, with a stronger emphasis on overall business health.

Led by Doug Truitt, Head of Revenue Success of Rentals United, this new revenue management tool will be fully integrated with Rentals United and allows property managers to increase their reporting efficiency and cross company communication, to measure performance on a market, property and channel level in real time, and to increase the speed of reactive and proactive revenue actions on each distribution channel.

Revenue management and channel management go hand in hand and are intricately tied to one another. To fully understand the health of a business, data must be fully gathered and analyzed, to then adjust strategies in marketing distribution, pricing, and other parameters. The power of the Rentals United reservation data gives property managers the metrics, behavior and trends that can affect them.

Data Studio proposes a three tier product offering. The Basic program is included with a basic Rentals United account and gives them access to a high level view of their reservation data. From understanding which channel is performing best to analyzing year over year performance, this version gives clients valuable insights into their pickup .

Moreover, property managers can upgrade to Data Studio Standard or Premium which allows for more access to detailed data analysis.

The Data Studio Premium offering generates converted reservation data from markets where business operates and shows the performance by channel, by bedroom type and all the other foundational metrics to give powerful insights to optimize market share. The Premium offering can show property managers the saturation of data by unit count, number of bookings, revenue share by channel, and much more in the markets.

Doug, the creator of Data Studio, comes with significant experience in understanding revenue management and marketing strategy in short-term rentals, where previous to Rentals United, he was the Senior Director of Distribution at Stay Alfred, overseeing their multichannel inventory. Doug says, “Developing the Rentals United Data Studio has been a real labor of love.

Empowered with a significant amount of data and wholly believing in revenue success for property managers, Data Studio will be a real game changer for how property managers operate their business on all different strategic levels. The goal was to build a tool during these challenging times that helps property managers gain back valuable time by focusing on what matters to strengthen their business.,51231463.html–176232408/–176232606/–176232810/

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