Airbus A380: Where the superjumbo is flying as aviation returns

When Airbus announced plans to cease production of its A380 aircraft back in 2019, heartbroken aviation fans found solace in the fact that the superjumbo wasn’t set to stop flying anytime soon.
Production on this much-loved aircraft was due to continue for another couple years, and plenty of airlines had active A380s in their fleet.
But fast forward a year, and the A380’s hefty size and steep operational costs had no place in the pandemic’s minimal, cost-efficient international flight schedules.
Thanks to Covid-19, most of the world’s A380 fleet were grounded.
Lufthansa’s decision to park its A380 turned into the German carrier permanently retiring the superjumbos. The last A380 emblazoned with Air France livery took its final flight. It was increasingly unclear whether the A380 would survive the shutdown.
But while the A380s days are undoubtedly numbered, some airlines have announced plans to get the aircraft back in the air. Singapore Airlines will be reinstating the A380 on November 2021 flights to London, the same month British Airways will be flying superjumbos from the UK to Europe.
If you’re still hoping to experience the A380’s memorably spacious interior and quiet inflight experience before the plane’s a thing of the past, here’s our round-up of airline A380 routes to check out.
Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines has 12 A380s in its fleet.
Singapore Airlines has 12 A380s in its fleet.
Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images
The A380’s first ever commercial voyage back in 2007 was via Singapore Airlines, traveling from Singapore to Sydney.
Pre-pandemic, Singapore Airlines had 17 A380s. They were all grounded when Covid-19 hit, and in November 2020 the airline announced plans to cut its superjumbo fleet down to 12.
Now Singapore Airlines has revealed plans to return some of its A380s to the skies.
Singapore Airlines told CNN Travel that from November 18, A380s will be flying one of the airline’s three nonstop Singapore to London services, as Singapore introduces quarantine-free travel for certain vaccinated travelers.
Siva Govindasamy, Singapore Airlines’ global public affairs head said that Singapore Airlines’ recognizes the A380s enduring appeal for passengers, and that’s partly why the airline’s returning the aircraft to rotation.
“The A380 is a wonderful aircraft,” he said. “Some people just book the A380 specifically to fly on it.”
Govindasamy added that it makes economic sense to return the A380 to the London to Singapore path, as the aircraft’s seat density lends itself well to routes where airport slots are limited.
The decision is also part of Singapore Airlines’ “premium positioning,” as Govindasamy puts it.
“From a brand perspective, the A380 really ticks a lot of boxes for us operating it,” he said.
As for reinstating the A380 for destinations beyond London, Govindasamy said Singapore Airlines is currently considering other routes that could be well served by the superjumbo.
“We’ll continue to monitor this very closely over the next couple of weeks and months before making that decision,” he said, adding that returning the A380 to its original Singapore to Sydney route is something the airline “will not say no to.”
Nine of Singapore Airlines’ A380s have undergone a refit and three are in the makeover process. Travelers splashing out on first class on the reinstated London to Singapore route will be able to enjoy the airline’s swanky suites.×3-basketball-world-cup-live-stream-reddit-watch/×3-basketball-world-cup-live-stream-reddit/×3-basketball-world-cup-2021-live-streamreddit-watch-online-free/,50270983.html

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