Crown claims Meng Wanzhou’s ‘dishonesty’ sits at the heart

In 24 hours the number of active Covid cases in Coos County jumped by 72 new cases.

In the last week there have been about 200 new cases.

Now Coos Health and Wellness has issued a health advisory.

Among the recommendations, it strongly encourages implementing masks and distancing in businesses, limiting capacity at restaurants to 50% and postponing large indoor events.–611511613e6817b4bc38945b–611511f3df20e02158a439d2,48814413.html

While nearly 75 per cent of eligible residents in Ottawa have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, a newly released map reveals stark differences in vaccination rates across neighbourhoods, which health officials say comes down to inequitable access, a lack of trust and mixed messages.

The map was created through a partnership between Ottawa Public Health and the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study, showing first and second dose rates for eligible populations in more than 100 neighbourhoods across the city as a snapshot in time from Aug. 2. The map is set to be updated every four weeks.

It highlights a huge disparity between the most vaccinated neighbourhoods and the least in both first and second doses as the city tries to reach a 90 per cent vaccination rate because of concerns over the delta variant.

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