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Khan is the latest Big Tech critic whom President Biden has tapped to take on the powerful industry. Tim Wu, who also supports increased government oversight of the tech industry, serves on the White House National Economic Council, where he is a special assistant to the president for technology and competition policy. Biden has, however, been criticized for not acting fast enough to fill other key antitrust enforcement roles in his administration. Nearly halfway through his first year, Biden has yet to announce his choices to lead the Justice Department’s antitrust division and to fill an empty seat on the Federal Communications Commission.–166766687/–166766687/–166766687/–166766687/–166766687/–166766687/

Still, Khan’s confirmation on Tuesday was hailed by those pushing for greater enforcement of competition laws, like the Washington-based American Economic Liberties Project.

Sarah Miller, executive director the group, said Khan’s ability to win bipartisan support shows policymakers’ “hearty appetite to rein in Big Tech.”

Miller added: “Her presence on the FTC marks the beginning of the end of an era of lawlessness for powerful corporations that they’ve enjoyed at the expense of workers, smaller businesses and democracy.”

Yet the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, a think tank supported by the tech industry, countered that Khan’s leadership could harm American consumers and innovation.

“Consumers may no longer be able to benefit from large companies’ economies of scale,” said the group’s Aurelien Portuese. “In a time of increased global competition, antitrust populism will cause lasting self-inflicted damage that benefits foreign, less meritorious rivals.”

Kovacic, the former FTC chairman, said some of the tech industry’s pushback is connected to pure shock over Khan’s ascendance.

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